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Exclusive Services

We grow. You invent.

Are you a licensed producer? Don’t have the time, space, capacity, manpower, or resources to grow Cannabis? We do! And we are passionate about it. Let our professional team at BCH be your trusted partners in growing certified organic outdoor cannabis.


You choose.


We can grow your signature cultivars at scale to add to your portfolio, or you can choose from our carefully curated selection of cultivars that have been tried and tested in seasons past, and have performed and produced the most beautiful finished products.


From fresh frozen used to create amazing live rosin, live resin, and bubble hash, or dried whole flower, to pre rolls, and shredded products, we guarantee we will deliver and we will elevate your experience in the cannabis industry. The BCH cultivation team has found its secret sauce in creating the purest form of certified organic, creek fed, sun grown, and biodynamically farmed outdoor cannabis that is better for your consumers and the environment. 

We care. 

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